Erborian BB Creme Mini

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"The best BB cream I’ve yet laid my hands on comes from a Korean-French brand that plucked the best technologies from both worlds and married them well." - Vogue

The true secret of the Korean skin perfection: Enriched with SPF 20, BB CRÈME AU GINSENG transforms your skin to a velvety, ultra-soft, spotless finish. Giving all the benefits of restorative skincare, with the appearance of lightweight, perfecting make-up.

One of our most popular and famous products, BB CRÈME contains a highly concentrated selection of herbs used traditionally in Korean skincare, that promote longevity.
The BB Cream's break-through high-tech formulation;

1. Unifies skin tone to conceal imperfections
2. Moisturises and nourishes
3. Offers a wonderful “baby skin effect” and velvety touch.

Imperfections wiped-out, perfect skin finish; BB CRÈME AU GINSENG leaves your skin wonderfully soft, silky, replenished and velvety.

BB CREAM CLAIR contains:
Ginseng An active stimulant, tonifying, revitalising
Licorice, ginger An anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, a strong defender against the free radicals
Titanium dioxyde Sun protector

Fill: 15ml