Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duo

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Mother’s cult-covetable backstage secret delivers the ultimate in runway radiance, gliding on effortlessly to impart a veil of sinfully sublime luminosity. The creamy Highlighter reflects and refracts light, conjuring iconic illumination realness. The transparent Balm – formulated with aloe and argan oils plus hyaluronic acid – delivers dewy divinity as it softens the skin. Whether worn solo or à deux, these luxurious finishes satisfy every highlighting addiction. Take your glow to the fourth dimension and prepare for a legendary, lit-from-within-gleam that’s truly aliengelic.

  • A luxurious gel formula infused with a decadent blend of emollient oils that nourish and illuminate skin for a smooth, dewy glow.
  • Glides on sumptuously and blends seamlessly into a vibrant, tantalizingly transparent finish.
  • Fiercely formulated for smooth, controlled application, effortless sculpting, transformative skin softening and smoothing.
  • Imparts a vibrant wash of iconically illuminating colour that brightens the complexion with rapturous radiance.

Fill: 3g / 0.11oz