Pixi Eye Patches

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• Hydrogel patches infuse the delicate eye area with hydration.
• For external use only
• Suitable for all skin types
• Paraben-free
• Not tested on animals


• Use daily, or as often as needed.

    • Step 1: Use enclosed spatula to gently lift and separate each patch.
    • Step 2: Apply onto clean, dry under-eye area with the thickest part at the outer corner.
    • Step 3: Repeat on the other side.
    • Step 4: Leave on for 10 min.
    • Step 5: Discard after use.
    • Step 6: Gently pat remaining serum into skin.

• Do not wash off.
• Tip: Use chilled for extra de-puffing effect.


  • NutrifEYE- nourishing rose-infused hydrogel patches help soothe, soften and replenish the delicate under-eye area while minimizing the appearance of redness.
  • Dream-yEYE- calming and replenishing hydrogel patches help the under-eyes feel hydrated, soothed and restored. Use at night to wake up with eyes looking rested and refreshed!
  • DetoxifEYE- instantly reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles while hydrating, soothing and strengthening skin with these hydrogel eye patches.
  • BeautifEYE- instantly brightening & energizing hydrogel patches. Under-eyes are awakened, reinvigorated and refreshed.
  • FortifEYE- toning and lifting hydrogel eye patches help to rejuvenate and replenish under-eyes.

Includes: 30 pairs/ 60 patches + spatula