NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Color

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Lasts like a tattoo, without the commitment. 

Do you love your NUDIES lipstick enough to have it last like a temporary tattoo? Well you’re in luck. The NUDIES MAGNETIC MATTE LIP COLOR pencil is the answer to your longwear lipstick prayers! These amazing makeup pencils feature lightweight pigments that apply like a pencil, look like a lipstick and last like a temporary tattoo. 

The NUDIES matte lip pencil is a multi-tasking, 3-in-1 beauty product that functions as a lipstick, lip balm, and lip liner, in an all-in-one compact makeup crayon. Every pencil is made to bring either a bold and beautiful or soft and neutral color tint to the lips that lasts all day long without smudging, smearing, fading or bleeding. It wears like your most intense liquid lipstick without the flakiness or the weight.

The MAGNETIC MATTE LIP COLOR pencil is available in nine different matte shades that range from deep reds to soft pinks. Whether you’re in the mood for a no-makeup makeup look, or you’re going for ‘full-out glam goddess’, get long-lasting, kiss-proof lipstick coverage with the MAGNETIC MATTE LIP COLOR pencil. 


  • Freckle (burnt brownish-pink) 
  • Capri (bright coral)
  • Rose (soft pink)
  • Burgundy (true maroon)
  • Saint (salmon-toned pink)
  • Blossom (soft pink beige)
  • Boho (muted brownish-rust)
  • Greystone (grayish-brown)
  • Vino (wine red)

Unlike most on-the-go lip balms that you constantly have to reapply, the MAGNETIC MATTE LIP COLOR pencils are made to be long-lasting and budge-proof no matter what. 

These lipsticks are kiss-proof, sweat-proof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof, to keep you looking glam for as long as you need with only a few simple swipes of color. Enjoy maximum lip coverage and high color intensity in all of our rich, must-have shades and easily take any lip look from the hallway to the runway.

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