Nudestix Tinted Cover

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Nudestix makes getting #gonudebutbetter skin easy.

Our promise: your skin will look and feel like your skin, but better. So let’s get really nude.

We believe in the minimalist approach to creating natural and real looking skin. We believe in natural skin tinting with a dot and dab approach to build cover where you need more. We think skin should feel and look like skin, but better.

What it is:

Tinted Cover is a natural finish foundation formulated as an innovative Korean skincare formula with tinted pigments that are buildable to even and brighten skin tone, natural actives to protect from environmental skin aging, moisturize the skin and improve overall texture. 

Available in 15 universal nude skin tones.

What it does:

We use natural ingredients that are good for your skin…that you would find in the most luxurious skincare…that will make your skin radiant and not break-out.  We use hydra-technology to soften skin and 18 natural extracts to balance skin condition, protect from the environment, provide anti-aging benefits and improve overall texture. We use lightweight, skin-loving ingredients and brightening minerals that blend with your natural tone rather than mask it, so the skin tone looks real, even and lifted. And all on the go. 

What else you need to know:

  • Water resistant barrier for long wear and to improve skin hydration
  • Lavender Oil – Heart chakra oil – calms your nerve, relax, reduce stress and reduces daily stress

18 natural extracts to improve skin.