Refy Cream Bronzer

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REFY's Cream Bronzer allows you to create definition or bronze and blend as an all over base. It has a natural, velvety finish and is buildable, allowing you to add warmth or a deeper natural tan.

Our ultra-versatile, cream based formula has been tested on all skin types and tones. The warm undertones will give you a a radiant summer glow. Our Cream Bronzer moisturises the skin and ensures any excess oils are removed.

For amazing results, apply with our Duo Brush and use our Cream Blush and Gloss Highlighter on top.

How to use: 

  • For best results, use our Duo Brush for application of the Cream Bronzer.
  • Allow any heavy or oily make up to set and dry before applying the product.
  • Using a wide stippling bronzer brush, pick up a small amount of product.
  • Blend in a circular motion underneath cheekbones and across high points on the face including the top of the forehead and centre of the nose.
  • For more coverage or a deeper colour, repeat.
  • For added definition, use the next shade up on target areas.

Fill: 8.3g